Real selling experience. 

On the browser.

Is your salesforce still struggling with conventional video conferencing tools? TrialEstate brings advanced tools customised for the real estate sector. Digitise your sales process, bring back the joy of sales.

Introducing TrialEstate

TrialEstate is a video driven, browser based sales platform that helps real estate companies deliver superior sales experience by helping customers find their dream home. We believe this platform is a unique game changer in helping customers make assured and right decisions.

Why TrialEstate? 

Over video, sales people on TrialEstate can assist customers through the entire buying process including price advice, negotiating a price the buyer can agree on while ensuring all sales documents are available in one place.



Real-time video calling

Replicate real-world sales environments for your sales people

Focused on user experience

Admin screens designed to make your on-boarding a breeze



Sharing tools

Annotation, sticky-notes, add more friends, family into the call


Back-end project library
with all assets


Choose from expo mode or project mode, whichever works for you




Measure your calls and sales force’s time. Review recorded calls and improve customer engagement

Our customers

We help real estate companies enable their salesforce and achieve business outcomes.

Prices with no surprises

All options include free training, on-boarding,
support and product updates

Expo mode

Suitable for organizations who wish to host large-scale digital expos and generate sales.


  • Hold digital expos of any scale seamlessly
  • Unlimited salespersons
  • Unlimited projects
  • 2-day dedicated expo event license
  • 15-day follow up call event license

Project mode

Suitable for organizations who wish to engage their customers digitally throughout the year.


  • Dedicated landing page which can be linked from your website or social media
  • Per project fixed subscription cost per annum
  • Up to 5 salespersons, 1 marketing, 1 admin can use the platform

Project Pro mode

Suitable for organizations who wish to engage their customers through the entire sales lifecycle.


  • All features of Project mode+
  • Advanced analytics for administrators and marketing teams
  • Integration into your existing CRM systems
  • Free package on top sales process playbooks for Indian real estate
  • Extended support

How to get 

Get started with a project or two and then scale on demand. Our customer success teams will help you onboard your projects and get your sales started.