The best and #1 way to show homes virtually.

The COVID-19 situation impacted every sector in the world. The sales of real estate property are at the bottom; due to this, the need to show homes virtually & real estate CRM is booming. Additionally, potential home buyers are worried about going out, making the real estate industry get more on virtual platforms to generate leads, track them, and showcase the property virtually. 

There are plenty of ways to showcase the property few of them are listed below:

Using video calling software to show homes virtually

Using video calling software like ZoomGoogle Meet  MS Teams to meet with potential customers, share your screen to show images and other details. This option seems cheap to use, but these are not built for real estate use. Offering the right photos, documents, deals to the right customer is a big challenge, even managing the feedback is an issue. If a bad deal is shown by mistake, it might significantly impact sales as the ticket sizes are large. The CRM tools do not offer integration with these video calling software.

  1. Using software that is the combination of CRM & Video calling features.

The real estate industry is heavily dependent on real estate CRM software like, Zoho, HubSpot, etc. However, these are built to help salespeople make offline sales; to show homes virtually & property showcasing, the combination of CRM and its integrated video calling feature needs to be used.
TrialEstate offers all these requirements. show homes virtually

Features of TrialEstate:

  • Separate image gallery to prevent any wrong photo sharing.
  • Show homes virtually from anywhere
  • All documents related to the particular property are in one place, so no jumbling between them.
  • Interactive master plan with details embedded in the program itself; you do not need to learn everything; everything is there on the platform.
  • Virtual Tour option to make the client feel like being in the house itself.
  • Deals section with segregated deals according to the selected units.
  • Customer feedback form at the end to get get the feedback and keep it for the record.