What is a virtual View (3D view) of real Estate Property?

The whole world is progressing towards technological progress for two decades. Every industry has revolutionized the way of working. The use of technology is has got excellent results like more sales, improved efficiency, time saving and savings on costs, etc. The real estate lacked technological advancement in sales processes; the same conventional methods were being used. The listing of property on the online platform became a need of the hour. That is where the virtual view of the property becomes essential. 

The virtual view is a specific bunch of high-quality images clubbed together, giving the feeling of being there in the house or property. There are specified high-resolution cameras available in virtual view that can click the pictures that are clubbed together automatically to form a virtual or 3D view. We can even move in the property virtually by clicking on the navigation buttons in the virtual view.

The virtual view is an excellent help in showcasing the property to potential customers, but only using the virtual view does not potentially convert the lead into an actual sale. For conversion, it needs to be used in combination with details of the property, images, unit details, etc. There is no software to use virtual views, images, documents, or unit details except for the TrialEstate

TrialEstate is a software that is a unique combination of real estate CRM tool with features like:

  • Virtual View
  • Details of the unit with amenities
  • Location & details of the project
  • A dedicated section of documents for every unit

These features make the TrialEstate a winner and a perfect combination in using the virtual view of the property. For more details about TrialEstate click on this link.